Barista Station

From: $4.20

Barista Station Package inclusions:

  • 50 Premium Barista made Beverages
  • 1 Barista per 50 Coffees per hour
  • Portable Barista Cart
  • All required supplies including disposable cups

Packages are based on onsite as 1hr setup, “your hours booked” & 1hr packdown
Minimum booking for Barista Stations are 50 guests ( or 50 coffees )

How to Book:

  1. Select how many hour you would like our staff serving
  2. Select how many baristas you want onsite
  3. Select how many coffees per hour

Please note: Use 1 Barista per hour per 50 coffees as your guide for booking. Where your booking does not correspond with this we will contact you and adjust accordingly.

Pay a 10% deposit per item